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Playing John Cage


Playing John Cage


Published on the occasion of the exhibition Playing John Cage at the Arnolfini from 5 Nov 2005 - 15 Jan 2006.

John Cage is probably the most important revolutionary of experimental sound work and listening. To discuss 20th and 21st century music without acknowledging Cage’s pivotal influence is impossible, yet despite this, he remains a difficult and controversial figure. Audible mushrooms, sonic furniture and a new take on Cage’s fascination with Kyoto’s most famous Zen garden. This exhibition explores the legacy of John Cage’s ideas on contemporary music, art and sound. 

Featuring new commissions and installations by Alvin Curran, Ryoji Ikeda, Rolf Julius, Tagaki Masakatsu, Kaffe Matthews, Carsten Nicolai, Akio Suzuki and Michael Prime. It also presents works by Gavin Bryars, Michael Parsons, Mieko Shiomi and Christian Wolff as well as by Cage himself. 

This is a collection of boxed cards containing texts, photographs and drawings exploring the legacy of John Cage’s ideas on contemporary music, art and sound.

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