Peng & Hu - Hirameki: Draw What You See

Peng & Hu - Hirameki: Draw What You See

Thames & Hudson

  • £9.95

What is Hirameki?
In Japanese, it means a flash of inspiration, which is just what artists Peng & Hu had when they saw a cow with a splotch that looked just like a famous filmstar – and realized that even the splodgiest blot could be easily turned into something amazing. Since then, their passion for collecting blots and dots has taken over their lives.

• Highly creative and a little bit anarchic, this is the perfect outlet for all those who are bored by drawing inside the lines
• It's for everybody: even the most inexperienced doodlers can produce hundreds of sensational scribbles.
• Readers hone their Hirameki skills in seven sections, allowing them to progress from single drawings to complete blot-to-blot scenes
• Artists Peng & Hu guide the reader with prompts and hints


192 Pages

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